Reboundy Rules (for single men)

Are you ready to put your confidence with women on steroids? Wanna learn things about women and dating most guys will never know? Ready to level up in a MASSIVE way? If so, this podcast is for you. No, this is not about lame dating advice that gets you nowhere. It’s about what works and it’s based on the thoughts and behaviors of guys who are good with women. It’s also based on the thoughts and behaviors of guys who struggle with women because knowing what NOT to do is one big part of real-world dating success. New episodes every Wednesday.

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“We live in a weird time where it’s okay to pick on guys who struggle with dating or guys who are lost and lonely, but the truth is this: Most men, at some point in their lives, are all alone and struggling with women and dating (including me in my younger years). 

Plus, single men are struggling more than ever. Why? Well first, technology has made it easier than ever for guys to unplug from normal, IRL relationships. Second, most guys never receive any kind of education around dating and being confident with women. So, most guys are just fumbling around, hoping to ‘get lucky’ and find a partner and some do, but many don’t. 

So, that’s why I created all of this - to help, and if you’re a single guy, everything here will take your confidence with women to a whole new level. Or, if you know a guy who is all alone and he could use a little help, this is where you send him. Send him here.”

   -Jimmy Nickel


Thursday Dec 01, 2022

In this episode, I provide some background for the ideas in this podcast (and in the program). I also talk about how the Information Age has messed with all of our heads as men - making us think women only want a select few kinds of guys (not true!).
Listen now to learn where all of these ideas come from and how you can use this information to level up your confidence with women and dating in a big way.
Episode Notes:
RR#0. ”What makes you qualified??”
The subject of attraction and dating contains a lot of unknowns but what is known is that some men are good with women - while some are not.
Some guys are awkward, shy, and nervous around women and some guys give up on women altogether. This is normal and common.
Some guys are cool, confident, and comfortable around women but this is NOT most guys because this takes specialized knowledge and effort.
The ideas here are based on the thoughts and habits of guys who are naturally good with women.
The core ideas here are not about “what women want.” The core ideas here are primarily focused on “what women DO NOT want.”
Quote to Remember:
“I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe. If I cannot satisfy one…I will indulge the other.”
- The Monster (from the movie, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein)
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Tuesday Nov 29, 2022

In this episode, I go deep into the wonderful topic of “Alpha” males vs “Beta” males. Fun subject, right? Never controversial, right? Not exactly. 
Why should you care about this? Because, despite what the internet tells you, no man is 100% “Alpha” or 100% “Beta” all the time. Plus, men who are both admired by men and attractive to women usually have some combination of “Alpha” and “Beta” traits. So, trying to be 100% “Alpha” or being 100% ANTI-Alpha can be counterproductive. Listen now for more on all of this.
Episode Notes:
RR25. Stop worrying so much about Alpha and Beta status. It’s not genetic. It’s just whatever. 
Most talk about “Alpha Males” vs. “Beta Males” is just unscientific word salad men throw around to rip on OTHER men.
Male behaviors that are turn-offs to women are omnipresent in men (i.e., displayed by both “Alpha Males” and “Beta Males” everywhere).
Most guys who are good with women typically have no category and that makes them awesome.
Some women prefer “Alpha male” types. Some women despise “Alpha male” types. Some women don’t know what they want. 
There is no such thing as an Alpha male “look.” Real Alpha males come in all shapes and sizes. 
Quote to Remember:
“Many of the guys you like listening to on YouTube or on podcasts are all actual modern era Alpha males because they’re teaching you something that makes your life better in some way. They don’t want to dominate you. They just want you to win.”
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Tuesday Nov 22, 2022

In this episode, I talk about how your imperfections might actually help you with a lot of women. I also discuss how a lack of authenticity around attractive women can actually scare them away (sometimes, literally). 
Why do you need to know all of this? Because, most guys act too “perfect” around a woman to whom they’re attracted. Or worse, some guys try to be “real” with women and end up looking and sounding like pathetic sad-sacks. Learn how to talk about yourself in a way that makes you human and relatable - while still looking confident and attractive. 
Episode Notes:
RR24. Don’t aim for perfection. Even for guys who are good with women, things are imperfect. 
Don’t buy into the “Myth of Perfection” that everything must be perfect about you and your life for a woman to find you attractive.
Don’t compare your damaged personal truth to everyone else's social mask” (Dr. Phil quote).
Most women are suspicious of any guy who acts like he’s perfect. They usually think, “Okay. So, what’s this guy hiding??” 
Be honest about your life and your feelings but NEVER, ever come across as a sad sack or in a depressing, weepy kind away. 
Remind yourself that MOST women - especially the beautiful ones - have baggage, have issues, and have a life that’s NOT perfect.
Quote to Remember:
“Be that guy you are when you’re around your friends and you’re having fun. That version of you NEVER acts perfect because he doesn’t have to. That guy has nothing to hide. That guy is just cool.”
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Thursday Nov 17, 2022

In this episode, I go deep on three areas where men judge other men and where men judge themselves. I talk about personal strength, your money situation, and your ability to attract and date the kind of women you really want (i.e., might, money, and “mate-ability”).
Why think about all of this? Because, understanding how these three areas are related (and NOT related) can help change your outlook when it comes to attracting women and dating them. That is, when you “get” these ideas, you’ll quickly be more confident with women - whether you’re rich, poor, or doing okay.
Episode Notes:
RR23. Understand that Might, Money, and Mate-ability can and should all be developed separately.
Might, money, and “mate-ability” are the three areas where men rate themselves and each other.
Might, money, and “mate-ability” are all loosely related but can be worked on individually.
Proficiency in some areas (e.g., might and money) does not guarantee proficiency in other areas (e.g., “mate-ability”).
Attracting and dating women can be difficult if you neglect “mate-ability” (whether you are rich or poor).
Attracting and dating women can be easier if you work on “mate-ability” (whether you are rich or poor).
Quote to Remember: 
“Never, ever get intimidated by guys who have more money or more muscles than you. Some of those guys are quite good with women, but most of them are not.”
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Tuesday Nov 15, 2022

In this episode, I talk about how some mistakes men make with women stem from unrealistic expectations and impatience. I also talk about the importance of impulse control around women to whom you’re very attracted.
Why should you care about any of this? Because, many times the “right” move with a new woman is the exact opposite of what you FEEL like doing. Once you understand this simple idea, you can improve your chances with new women - even if those women are very attractive.
Episode Notes:
RR22. Accept the fact that success with women often involves some waiting and some frustration. 
A lot of success with women is about discipline and patience. 
Impatience and a lack of discipline around women is like steroids for “DNA” (desperate, needy, afraid) behaviors.
There’s not some ultra-elite group of dating geniuses who never have to wait or be frustrated with a woman.
What works with women is often the opposite of what you’re driven by impulse to say or do. 
The Mr. Patience and Mr. Discipline version of you is WAY better with women. The Impulse Version of You is terrible with women. 
Quote to Remember:
“Never forget that once a new woman starts liking you and you’re being patient with her, this only helps to build sexual tension even more.”
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Thursday Nov 10, 2022

In this episode, I discuss why a feeling of shyness or awkwardness some men have around women is NOT really about the woman. 
Why should this matter to you? Because, if you’ve ever talked to or approached a very attractive woman and felt out of place, any weird vibes you had are your issues (and not hers). When you understand this (and avoid it), your confidence around very attractive women can go up in a massive way. 
Episode Notes:
RR21. Find positive ways to be happy away from women and things will be easier when you're with women. 
Most guys who meet new women don’t show up happy and in a good mood, but they PRETEND to be happy and in a good mood.
Pretending to be happy and in a good mood (when you’re not) can make you look weird to new women.
When you’re happy, you may not smile regularly but you do wake up each day a little bit excited about things you wanna get done that day. 
People who are genuinely happy are more attractive than those who are unhappy or miserable. 
Stop and think about something you’ve wanted to do or try and just do it.
Quote to Remember:
“When you’re happy, you don’t wake up and immediately go on the internet looking for things to be angry about. When you’re happy, you have things you look forward to doing, and these things might be things you do all by yourself.”
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Wednesday Nov 09, 2022

In this episode, I discuss the value of talking to new people and the easiest ways to do that. More importantly, I talk about how to connect and bond with someone in a conversation so that your likability goes through the roof.
Why is this important? Because, if you can practice connecting and bonding with new people away from women, you’ll be great at it when you’re with women. If you want to be more than “just friends” with that cute brunette from Tinder, that cool blonde chick you’re talking to on Hinge, or any other woman, listen to this episode carefully. 
Episode Notes:
RR20. Remember that the best content for connecting and bonding comes from shared feelings. 
The circumstance or place where you meet someone new often contains the best content for bonding and sharing feelings.
Re-stating what someone is saying is good, but relating is better.
If you already have an intimate mental connection with a new woman, the physical part can sometimes become a simple, lateral move. 
You can practice relating to someone through shared feelings AWAY from women.
Being good at relating and bonding with new people is almost like a super-power.
Quote to Remember:
“Bonding over a shared feeling does not mean you have to solve anyone’s problems. No, you never wanna be a 'Listen, here’s what you need to do…' kinda guy.”
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Tuesday Nov 08, 2022

In this episode, I talk about why you don’t need to guess at what any woman likes or wants in a romantic partner. The reason that guessing is a waste of time is because some women take time to feel genuinely attracted to someone new. So, with any new woman, her current feelings for you may be a work in progress.
Why do you need to care about this? Because, when you disregard this dynamic, you can make critical mistakes. Or, you might hold off taking some kind of action because you’re not seeing immediate signs of interest from the woman (the worst mistake of all).
Episode Notes:
RR19. Remind yourself that you don’t know what she wants because she may not even know what she wants. 
What people are attracted to changes over time based on likes and dislikes in people they have liked or dated before. 
As a woman moves through time and space, there are different iterations of who she is and what she finds attractive in men.
With a new woman, don’t try to guess her likes and dislikes. Don’t think about it. Don’t worry about it. 
With a new woman, she might like guys who are nothing like you. She might like guys who are EXACTLY like you. 
To a new woman, you might be free of all the things she does NOT want in a guy...and THAT makes you attractive to her.
Quote to Remember:
“You might be that 4 door car she wants because she’s sick and tired of 2 door cars. You THINK she wants a sports-car, but she really wants a sedan…and you’re like a new Honda Accord to her and she’s ready to buy. “
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Thursday Nov 03, 2022

In this episode, I talk about how to get your friend (or friends) to support you in places where you might meet women. 
Why is this important? Because, when you and your buddies all agree to help each other, there is strength in numbers - especially in places where there are single women. Plus, the company you keep can make you look bad or it can make you look GOOD (note: choose to look GOOD!).
Episode Notes:
RR18. Remember the three traits of a great wingman and make sure your buddies know them too. 
A good wingman talks you up a bit (but not too much).
A good wingman doesn’t compete with you.
A good wingman knows when to rescue you from a stale or weird situation.
Make an agreement with friends you go out with to help each other with new women and make each other look good. 
Avoid going out with friends who break these rules. 
Quote to Remember:
“If you’re hearing this rule and thinking, 'I don’t even have a wingman because I have like, zero friends,' that’s okay. Sometimes talking to women and dating around can be even easier when you have no real friends and you’re all alone.”
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Wednesday Nov 02, 2022

In this episode, I talk about the dreaded Friend Zone and how to get out of it. No, this may not be the solution you want to hear, but it’s the one you need to hear.
Episode Notes:
RR17. If you’re stuck in the friend zone, remember that the only way out is through. 
The Friend Zone sucks but it also means that an attractive female thinks you’re cool enough to be her friend.
Endlessly pining away for someone who clearly doesn’t want you back is the WORST way to get them romantically interested in you.
The way “through" the Friend Zone is to stop the Friend Zone behaviors, work on yourself, and start pursuing other women.
A Friend Zone female friend is the world’s greatest wing person. Embrace that fact and the situation.
Never be a passive-aggressive jerk and rage-quit the friendship. Be nice. Be normal. Be cool (always).
Quote to Remember:
“See, you can't do anything to make her want to come back. You can only do things to make her NOT want to come back. I mean first you'll pretend not to care, not call - whatever, and then, eventually, you really won't care.
Somehow, they don't come back until you really don't care anymore.”
- from the movie Swingers (written by and starring Jon Favreau)
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Thursday Oct 27, 2022

In this episode, I talk about how you don’t need all women to like you to be happy; you just need one. 
This is important to remember because in the age of social media, it’s easy to compare your real life to some other dude’s fake life. When you do this, it affects your confidence level and your whole approach with new women. When you stop comparing yourself, real confidence can show up quickly.
Episode Notes:
RR16. Remind yourself that there’s no scorecard or trophy for dating or hooking up. 
Comparing yourself to other guys is counter-productive and will drive you crazy. So, don’t do it.
Obsessing about “scoring” with women is usually a practice of guys who don’t actually “score” with women.
Only score yourself (loosely) on fundamentals (e.g., avoiding DNA behaviors, staying upbeat after rejections, talking to someone new, etc..).
The less you try to make someone new like you or date you, the easier those things may become.
There is no official trophy for hooking up or penalty for striking out with a woman. There’s only happy and unhappy. 
Quote to Remember:
“Meeting and dating someone great, someone you really like, someone who likes you back…it’s all just a process. It’s a bunch of little things along the way. It’s about fundamentals.”
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Tuesday Oct 25, 2022

In this episode, I talk about why most guys who hate on others are secretly insecure. I also talk about why you should never be like those guys.
Why is this important? Because, most guys are just a few changes away (internal + external) from being their most attractive, most confident selves with women. Once you figure out these changes that need to be made (and make them), the quantity and quality of women you’re able to date can go up dramatically. 
Episode Notes:
RR15. When you discover weak spots in yourself, don’t get angry, get excited. 
Hating on other guys is a coping mechanism for our fragile we don’t go crazy. 
It’s normal to feel like a loser around some women at some point in your life. It’s just part of being a man.
It’s normal to think there’s nothing you can do to change things, or make things better with women. 
Leveling-up with women simply involves working through several, small uncomfortable moments.
If it bothers you, write it down because you’ve just found an opportunity for a level-up.
Quote to Remember:
“You might be just a few simple upgrades away from easily attracting and landing a great girlfriend and when I say 'great,' I mean she looks good, she’s fun to be with, and she likes you just as much as you like her.”
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Thursday Oct 20, 2022

In this episode, I talk about the value of not letting your mind wander around new women. This matters because most men are inherently bad at reading new women - especially if the women are attractive and friendly. 
So, if you’re single, it’s better to prepare for more than one outcome with any new woman. This is not just about your mental health (in case things go poorly), it’s also about you, acting LESS desperate, needy, and afraid. 
Episode Notes:
RR14. With new women, don’t fantasize about a relationship, plan ahead for success or failure. 
"Hopamine" is released when you disconnect from the present moment and get high on possibilities that may or may not happen.
Hopamine feels good, but can cloud your judgement with new women and cause you to make mistakes. 
A stop loss is an exit plan you can fall back on (in case things go poorly with a woman).
Keeping other women in mind and falling back on your hobbies or your goals can be good “stop losses.”
When you clear your mind properly, any successes with new women should come as a nice surprise. 
Quote to Remember:
“When things don’t work out with a particular woman, it’s NOT the end of the world. It’s just the end of the fantasy - the fantasy that things would work out better. ”
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Tuesday Oct 18, 2022

In this episode, I talk about why some guys are able to flirt and have edgy conversations with women without looking creepy. I also talk about why some guys end up being perceived as creepy (even if they’re not).
Why does all of this matter? Because, if you’re talking to a woman you’d like to date, you don’t want to come across as a boring, plain vanilla Nice Guy. You want to come across as a guy who is confident enough to flirt and be edgy (in the right way). You want to be the “hook-up guy”…not the guy who is “just a friend” or “just a total creep.”
Episode Notes:
RR13. Understand the main difference between being flirtatious vs. being creepy. 
Flirting or making a sexy comment is GREAT if the timing is right and she’s ready to accept it.
Flirting or making a sexy comment is CREEPY if it’s too much, too soon, and done in a needy way.
Keep things PG-Rated at first, then R-Rated if she’s open to flirting.
Save the X-Rated talk for when the relationship becomes X-Rated (or she brings up X-Rated topics first).
Saying or doing creepy things around women does not make you look “seductive.” It makes you look desperate, weird, or scary to her.
Quote to Remember:
“Being a Creep or being perceived as a creep…it’s not about looks. You can be a tall, handsome Chad with 6% body fat and still come across as super creepy to women.”
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Thursday Oct 13, 2022

In this episode, I talk more about how to know if a woman likes you by looking at how interest signs appear (or disappear). Yes, many guys wonder, "How do I know if a woman likes me?" but the first step to answering this question is to zoom out, and look at things on a larger time-scale. 
So, if you feel like you’re in the dark trying to understand if a woman is interested in you, the problem might not be with what you’re seeing but how you’re seeing it. Listen now for more on this.
Episode Notes:
RR12. Watch for interest signs in groups and over time. 
All women are in a different level of availability when you meet them (i.e., some are single, some are taken, some are confused).
Romantic interest signs are like “buying” signs because both show Focus + Proximity + Curiosity.
As a woman becomes more interested, these signs show up more over time.
As a woman becomes less interested, these signs show up less over time.
Don’t be surprised to see few interest signs at first, but more over time as she gets to know you and starts liking you more.
Quote to Remember:
“We’re all just guessing at what women are thinking. Even guys who have been with the same woman for several years are just guessing most of the time. “
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Tuesday Oct 11, 2022

In this episode, I talk about how to know if a woman likes you and how to spot the signs of basic interest.
Why should you care about this? Because, a woman you might want to date can be confusing - especially in the beginning when she’s still getting to know you. By having some rough understanding of where you stand with her, you’ll know when to slow things down or speed things up (and not drive her away). 
Episode Notes:
RR11. To gauge her interest level in you, look for Focus + Proximity + Curiosity (FPC).
“The Moment” Feeling: It happens right before she gives you her number, accepts a date, meets you for a date, or engages in the first kiss or hook-up.
“The Moment” Feeling = Fear + Excitement...all driven by anticipation.
Signs of “The Moment”: Wide open eyes, slowed down movements, lingering closeness, and little questions.
Signs of high interest: She's fixating on you, getting physically close, and has lots of questions about you.
Signs of low interest: Less focus on you, distance, and less curiosity about you.
Quote to Remember:
“In the beginning, women are almost never clear with men about their feelings, but if they like you or they’re starting to like you, they do leave a trail of bread-crumbs…little clues….little hints.”
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Thursday Oct 06, 2022

In this episode, we talk about how all dating and hooking up comes down to sexual tension. Guys who are good with women understand this. Guys who struggle with women do not. 
If you’ve ever wondered why some guys have an easy time getting phone numbers, dates, and hook-ups, this episode will help you understand why. 
Episode Notes:
RR10. Understand how sexual tension works and recognize if you’re building it or killing it. 
Sexual Tension = a force of attraction between two people that is strengthened by an obstacle of time, space, or circumstance. 
You can’t control when and if she’s attracted to you. All you can control are the conditions for some kind of attraction to possibly form. 
Clinging to her like a Spider Monkey or acting like an Eager Beaver when she flirts…HURTS sexual tension.
Flirting and then giving her space increases sexual tension (if she already likes you on some level).
Anticipation is what causes her to want to talk to you, spend time with you, and “get physical” with you.
Quote to Remember:
“If a new woman likes you, you’re not desperate, needy, or afraid, and you embrace the obstacles of time, space, and circumstance, sexual tension will grow naturally.”
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Tuesday Oct 04, 2022

In this episode, we talk about some of the worries that women have, not just with dating but in life. This rule is related to past rules about being the guy around whom a woman is comfortable and how this can help attractions form more easily.
All of these ideas apply for most single women you might pursue but they carry even more weight with very attractive women. If you’re interested in dating out of your league, listen to this episode carefully. 
Episode Notes:
RR9. Understand what worries women in the beginning and use this to your advantage. 
A fear response in a woman causes her ability to feel attracted (or aroused) to shut down.
To women, needy behaviors in a man are Red Flags for jealousy and possessiveness later on.
Giving a new woman Space + Freedom and having a sense of humor with her can reduce her fear response.
Defocusing from the woman while chatting helps create comfort (e.g., not staring, not crowding her personal space, not making her good looks a "thing").
For more success with women, remember to Look Good, Have Fun, and Don’t Be Weird. 
Quote to Remember:
“If a woman is attractive or she’s dated a wide variety of men, she’s an expert at noticing red flags in men.“
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Thursday Sep 29, 2022

In this episode, we talk about the natural progression that most men and women follow before becoming romantic partners. 
Why should you care about this? Because, many mistakes men make with women are because this progression is not respected. When you learn how men and women REALLY get together, you’ll make fewer mistakes and things can be much easier with women and dating. 
Episode Notes:
RR8. Remember and respect the natural progression for going from strangers to romantic partners. 
The Acquaintance/friend stage is best when you stay upbeat and cool, and she’s comfortable around you.
The Hook-Up stage: This starts when there’s a spark of interest and flirting (and you and her like it). 
Relationship stage: You and her both like each other enough and the situation is right for both of you to become exclusive. 
Trying to force, rush, or skip these stages usually has negative consequences.
Creepy Guys rush the Hook-Up Stage. Nice Guys rush the Relationship Stage. Both types ruin things before they get started. 
Quote to Remember:
“Women determine the hookup stage - you flirt with her and she decides to flirt back, touch you back, kiss you back, sleep with you. All of this is up to the woman. Respect this fact and don’t force things. 
Men determine the relationship stage -  we decide if the new woman is worth giving up on all other women. Sometimes the new woman is worth it, sometimes she is NOT - especially when she tries to force things.”
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Tuesday Sep 27, 2022

In this episode, I talk about preparing for the eventuality of meeting someone new…someone who is physically attractive, cool, and female…and someone who likes you back. This WILL be your reality sometime in the future (if you take the right steps now). 
Why is this important? Because, when you’re single and all alone, the idea of meeting a woman who is cool, attractive, and likes you back seems like an impossibility. This idea inspires a mindset of giving up and being your worst. Listen now to learn why you should think in the opposite direction to all of this…
Episode Notes:
RR7. Prepare now, like it’s an absolute certainty you’re about to meet someone great.
If you’re totally alone, remove the reminders that you’re a “lonely loser” (e.g., messy place, poor hygiene and grooming, dressing poorly).
Remember that you WILL meet someone eventually. So show up prepared. 
Remember that prep-work for dating someone new boosts your self-esteem - even if you’re all alone.
Do something daily - even if it’s something small. Work on yourself. Earn a few self-esteem points daily.
Organize something. Improve something. Don’t shoot for perfection. Only shoot for “good enough.
Quote to Remember:
“As soon as you start working on yourself, you’ll feel better about yourself. You’ll feel more confident. You’ll start sending yourself this message: ‘I’m a winner and winners take action and prepare.’’’
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Thursday Sep 22, 2022

In this episode, I talk about being alone, thinking negatively, being angry, and why all of that is more normal than you think. Plus, I talk about why you should actually feel grateful if you’re all alone right now. 
If you’re only meeting women you’re NOT that into or you’ve given up on women altogether, this episode is for you. 
Episode Notes:
RR6. If you have zero dating prospects of any kind, remember that this is the opportunity of a lifetime. 
Being totally alone is WAY better than being stuck in an unhappy, dead-end relationship.
If you are totally alone, be grateful that you can work on yourself and hold out for a quality woman.
It’s okay to be negative or think nothing will help you with women (in the beginning).
Self-belief will come as you change up your actions and see different reactions from women.
For good self-esteem, cut down on vices (Takers), and do more things that challenge you (Makers).
Quote to Remember:
“If you’re all alone right now, millions of guys, all around the world - who are stuck in draining, soul-crushing, suffocating relationships - would LOVE to be you. So, any time you start feeling bad about being alone, think about that!”
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Tuesday Sep 20, 2022

In this episode, I talk about what it’s like to be an attractive woman - specifically an attractive woman who is single.
Why should you care? Because, as a single guy, if you’re pursuing any woman who is attractive, you want to be different. You want to be an outlier. You want to be the guy who stands out in her mind. This starts with you, learning to be different than most other guys she meets - while understanding more about the world in which she lives. Listen now to learn more.
Episode Notes:
RR5. Understand the everyday reality for a beautiful woman better than other guys do. 
All attractive women (everywhere) have some shared experiences in common (because most men act the same around those women).
The more attractive the woman is, the more experience she has noticing “Red Flags” in new men.
Most “Red Flags” involve a new guy showing behaviors that are desperate, needy, or afraid in some way.
“Red Flag” behaviors make new women uncomfortable and lessen their ability to feel attracted to men who trigger “Red Flags.”
Don’t be a giddy, smiley Nice Guy. Don’t be a cocky, mean jerk. Just be normal.
Quote to Remember:
“A lot of women who are physically attractive get accused of being stuck-up or snobby in social settings…when in fact, they’re just shy. “
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Thursday Sep 15, 2022

In this episode, I talk about how to break free of a long dating dry spell or if you’re in a dating “rough patch.” How do you break free and make some big changes for the better? Simple. You stop beating yourself up so much! That's the first step.
Why does this matter? Because, while you’re beating yourself up about your looks, your body, or your finances, or your whatever, you’re feeling bad inside (and this shows on the outside). What’s the way out of this dead-end? That’s right, just go in reverse and stop beating yourself up so much.
Episode Notes:
RR4. When thinking about your dating past and present, don’t freak out. Chill out. 
The first step to being better with women is to stop beating yourself up for your dating past or present.
You’ve never worked on any dating prep or education before, so all of your mistakes with women were done with the OLD you.
Guys who are good with women have been rejected way more than guys who are bad with women.
No matter how bad you think your dating situation is, you’re not alone. It’s you and millions of other guys. In fact, every guy feels like a loser with women at some point in his life.
You can make the choice to be more confident and successful with women. If you are reading this, you might be doing that right now. 
Quote to Remember:
“If your dating situation is a total disaster or you’re just not that happy with your life, work on it, pass your ‘Man Tests’ and you'll FEEL like a real man…just do it…because, life is so much better that way. “
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Tuesday Sep 13, 2022

In this episode, I talk about why it's normal to feel a bit weird or awkward before talking to new people (including women you’d like to date). 
Why does this matter? Because, whether you’re trying to meet new women on dating apps or in real life, there’s gonna be some strangeness at first. Messaging someone new, meeting someone new, dating someone new…it can all feel strange at first. Listen carefully to this rule to learn how to make all of that easier.
Episode Notes:
RR3. Remember that initial social awkwardness is everyone’s default mode and it’s no big deal. 
Even people who are outgoing and extroverted can experience initial social awkwardness.
Initial social awkwardness is just a tiny speed-bump, a tiny part of the process for meeting someone new.
Be bold, be confident, and expect nothing - even if things feel awkward at first.
Once you and a new person finally stumble on something in common, the awkwardness is gone. 
Practicing talking to new people in public will make you better at talking to new women.
Quote to Remember:
“People are strange when you're a stranger.Faces look ugly when you're alone.Women seem wicked, when you're unwanted.Streets are uneven, when you're down.”
- The Doors (lyrics from the song “People Are Strange”)
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Monday Sep 12, 2022

In this episode, I talk about something that is foundational for success with new women. No, this is not about money, muscles, or driving a fancy Italian sports-car. It’s about the importance of learning to be comfortable around women you find attractive. 
Why is this so important? Because, if a new woman doesn’t feel comfortable or safe around you, she’s unlikely to feel attracted (even if you have money, muscles, and a fancy Italian sports-car!). On the other hand, if she’s comfortable around you and she likes your personality, attractions can form more easily - even if you’re just a regular guy.
Episode Notes:
RR#2. Comfort is king. Never forget this (even for a second).
Feeling real attraction is practically impossible for a woman when she feels unsafe or uncomfortable around a man.
Being the “safe” guy is not about being the “nice guy.” It’s about being the guy around whom she can relax a bit.
Making new women feel comfortable comes from avoiding uncomfortable behaviors men do around women.
Uncomfortable behaviors = Things you say or do that you THINK will help, but really don’t (i.e., D.N.A. Behaviors).
The more attractive the woman is, the more you stand out to her when you are the “safe” guy.
Quote to Remember:
“A lot of really attractive women, end up liking and hooking up with the 'safe' guy - even though the guy doesn’t look like much to begin with.”
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Monday Sep 12, 2022

In this episode, I talk about some sure-fire ways to ruin things with new women. 
Why learn all of this? Because, once you learn about these universally bad behaviors, you can avoid them and look better than other guys who don't know about any of this. Also, the ideas in this episode form the basis for future rules to come. 
Episode Notes:
RR#1. Understand how DNA Behaviors - being desperate, needy, or afraid - are a HUGE turn off to women.
“DNA Behaviors” = Turn-off behaviors of being desperate, needy, or afraid.
Desperate Behaviors = Trying too hard to “make something happen” with a new woman in a way that makes her feel pressured.
Needy Behaviors = Needing feedback, attention, or validation from a woman in a way that makes her feel pressured.
Afraid Behaviors = Being shy, timid, or fake because you’re afraid to just act normally.
With words, actions, text, emails, always ask yourself, “Do I come across as desperate, needy, or afraid?” Adjust accordingly.
Quote to Remember:
“You don’t need a radical makeover.  You don’t need the perfect body or face. You just need adjustments.”
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